Comments: Hacking – Can the huge data breaches be prevents? 7 November 2017

“The event provided a fascinating insight into many contemporary issues involving cyber security, with discussion ranging from government policy to basic consumer concerns. The speakers were very interesting to listen to, the location was very cool and overall, it was a really enjoyable and stimulating lunch!”

Sanjay Puri, Apprentice


“As in the past this year’s APPRG talk on Hacking and Cyber security was very interesting. Discussion on end-to-end encryption, block chain theory and anonymity on the web was of particular interest. I will make sure to update all my devices regularly now as well!”

Tom Heywood, Freeman


“A very insightful event, with three speakers who spoke about parts of cyber security I had not considered before, and as the majority of time after they spoke was allocated to questions there was ample opportunity to voice opinions, concern and ask questions, which lots of guests did. The answers were also very coherent from all speakers. It is not often you can ask a panel of experts questions, so I’m very glad to have attended.”   

Nathan Cater, Apprentice