AGM – 3rd March 2021

All Party Parliamentary Engineering Group

Minutes of the APPEG annual General Meeting 2021 Wednesday 3 March 2021



  • Laurence Robertson MP (in the chair) Professor the Lord Broers
  • Dave Doogan MP
  • Professor the Lord Mair
  • Viscount Hanworth
  • Stephen Metcalfe MP
  • Tony Lloyd MP


  1. Chair’s opening remarks

Laurence Robertson welcomed members to the meeting and thanked members for attending.

  • Apologies

Mark Jenkinson MP

  • Election of Officers

All the Officers were re-elected en bloc proposed by Tony Lloyd MP

This was seconded by Viscount Hanworth

Lord Broers and Laurence Robertson MP – Joint Chairs

Dave Doogan MP – Vice Chair

Officers: Lord Willis, Lord Ravensdale, Professor the Lord Mair, Chi Onwurah MP, Chris Green MP, Stephen Metcalfe MP, Tony Lloyd MP

  • Report on year’s activities

There have been 3 meetings during the year, two virtual and one in the Lords. Each virtual meeting had about 140 attendees, including schools.

Lord Broers commented on the quality of the speakers and reiterated how important it is to engage young people. Many have written in expressing their enjoyment of the meetings.

  • Statement of Accounts

The figures were presented and agreed by the meeting

  • Laurence Robertson congratulated Lord Broers on the excellent range of speakers and thanked the members for their support. He also thanked the Facilitator for her work for the Group

Signed… . . .. . .. . …. . . . … .. . .. .. . … . . . . . . .. . .

Laurence Robertson MP